Zeitgeist Photography Exploration
Zeitgeist is a thesis project that pairs film photography with new-age research that outlines how family photo albums become timeless cultural artifacts. The psychology and meaning behind family photography is explored within the text.
Zeitgeist is a German word that means 'spirit of the age,' derived from Zeit meaning 'time' and Geist, meaning 'ghost'. This publication explores the psychology behind family photography and serves as a reminder about the importance of preserving family history for future generations.
This publication pairs historical photos with new-age research describing how family picture albums become timeless cultural artifacts over time. Patterns and stereotypes are explored throughout the text and are accompanied by historical film photography. The film photography included in this publication was scanned from a collection of medium-format film negatives. These photographs were taken by my Opa on his Rolleicord III with photos spanning from 1940 to 1965. The photography follows my family’s immigration from Germany to Ontario and forms an informal family photo essay that parallels the text. The film cameras used to take these photos are pictured throughout the publication.​​​​​​​
Adobe Design Achievement Awards Semifinalist 2016 — Fine Art - Graphic Design / Print
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