Roux Restaurant Branding
Roux is a conceptual French-bistro restaurant. Roux is described as the thickening agent of the three mother sauces of classical French cooking; Veloute, Espagnole, and Bechamel. This meaning reflects the high-quality food and French sauces that Roux is best known for serving. 
The Roux logo was created from a linocut stamp to add texture and authenticity. The two swooshes in the Roux logo portray how the restaurant presents its sauces on their plates. These swooshes are used as a repeated design element throughout Roux collateral. All brand elements were kept simple and modern to match the classic French dishes.
Adobe Design Achievement Awards Semifinalist 2016 — Print / Graphic / Illustration
Adobe Design Achievement Awards Semifinalist 2016 — Fine Art - Graphic Design / Print

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